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I was co-creator and in-house writer on The Adventures of Abney and Teal, produced by Ragdoll Productions, broadcast by CBeebies, 2011. My job included pitching, writing and editing scripts, and performance direction.

I pitched and scripted the following episodes:

The Porridge Party
The Poc Pocs' Holiday
The Storm
Firefly Lullaby
The Radio
Neep's Birthday
Abney Finds A Hole
Faraway Island
Bop's Best Bubble
The Slide
The Moon
The Snow Neep
The Perfect Tree
The Artwork
The Very Cold Day
The Visit
The Enormous Sneeze
The Handbag
The Mysterious Mist
The Very Hot Day
The Enormous Cabbage
The Summerhouse
Bop's Babies
Sleep Digging
The Porridge Tower
Abney's Aquarium
The Café
Abney's Precious Things
The Camera
Spring Cleaning

I was co-writer the following episodes:

The Star Stick
The Rainbow Whistle
Sky High
The Poc Poc Hunt
The Train
The Mystery
The Enormous Neep
The Buzzing Thing
Abney's Magic Show
The Woolly Tangle
The Leaf Sweep
Straw Hat Trouble
Porridge Machine