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I am on the writing team for series six and seven of Peppa Pig, for Nick Jr. Here are a list of episodes that I pitched (p), scripted (s) or contributed to, 90 more are in production.

Grandpa Pig's Party
Roman Day (p/s)
Grandpa Pig's Metal Detector
Marble Run (p/s)
Bat and Ball
Buttercups, Daisies and Dandelions
Buried Treasure
Funny Music
The Super Potato Movie (p/s)
Viking Day (p/s)
Made Up Musical Instruments
Botanical Garden (p/s)
Mr Potato's Fruit and Vegetable Quiz (p/s)
Viking Day (p/s)
Made Up Musical Instruments (p/s)
The Future
Doctor Hamster's Big Present (s)
Butterflies (p/s)
Grampy Rabbit's Jet Pack
Detective Potato
The Electric Car
Stoneage Granny
Firestation Practice
Mr Bull the Teacher
Looking for Things
Please and Thankyou
Ice-cream (p/s)
Science Museum (p/s)
Mandy Mouse's Birthday (p/s)
The Sandcastle